Workshop (Fall 2017)

The Insurgent Midwest workshop is part of a two-week engagement among movement project participants where activist meet face to face to share knowledge, perspectives, and strategies. The Workshop builds on the online dialogues that project facilitated over the last two years among social movements and scholars in South Africa, Mexico, and Midwest of the US.  With visits to Chicago, Urbana-Champaign, and Minneapolis, our project participants will take part in both closed and public discussions about their work constructing solidarity networks locally and internationally. To facilitate this process the workshop also uses experimental theater facilitated by Richa Nagar and Tarun Kumar who will use acting as means to facilitate communication, trust building and ultimately steps toward solidarity.  The workshop sessions including the theater are closed spaces for project participants only to share ideas, collaborate and strategize. The symposium that follows the workshop, however, is a public event and open to all, offering a space for project participants, invited speakers and broader public to share and reflect on possibilities, challenges and pedagogies for building solidarities.