Power at the Margins

Power at the Margins: Mobilizing Across Housing Injustice

March 1-3, 2018

The margins of traditional housing, those precarious or makeshift spaces against which dominant models of property ownership and exclusion are constructed, have long been a powerful site from which to theorize, organize, and resist. Homelessness, eviction, squatters’ rights, and the right to land all find their way into fruitful interdisciplinary scholarship, much of which links these struggles to broader questions of citizenship, governance, and exclusion. Meanwhile many of the same root problems motivate housing activists around the globe. These community organizing struggles create a more grounded, pragmatic critiques and strategies, as activists deploy popular education to empower those immediately affected and often situate their movements within broader social justice movements, from labor struggles to fights for racial or caste justice.

power at the margins

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